Why choose Tracy Beviss Driver Training:

I understand that starting driving lessons can make anyone feel very nervous, but don’t worry, I am very calming and an extremely patient instructor and can put even the most anxious pupil at ease very quickly. At the end of the first lesson, my pupils constantly say things like” that wasn’t as scary as I thought” and “I have done lots better than I expected”.

The lessons are structured totally around your needs, no two pupils are the same – I recognise the need to vary my teaching methods depending on exactly what is required for each individual. I also like to always make it clear “why” you need to do something (I am very aware throughout various training I have been given during my career that if I am not told “why” I have to do something, I am likely to think “what’s the point then” and probably not do it at all!). We will learn new skills at a pace that you are happy with, in bite size chunks, I will never put you into a situation you are not comfortable to do, but equally will encourage you to move onto the next new thing when you and I both feel that you are ready.

I feel extremely lucky to be in a job that I love so much and I am passionate about delivering excellent instruction in order to develop my pupil’s knowledge and ability, to be at the standard not just for passing the practical test, but also have the skills to make safe drivers for life.

If you are looking for lessons in and around the Taunton area, please either give me a call,  drop me an email or complete the contact me form.

What my learners say

  • Thanks so much Tracy

    Thanks so much Tracy, it’s down to you that I passed my test this week. From the start you made me feel at ease and that I had the ability to drive.

    Tracy is always on time, incredibly well organised, lessons are planned and based on what you feel you can achieve. After each lesson I was amazed at how far
    I had developed my skills. Tracy is easy to get on with and really interested in finding the best way to help you to flourish.

    I cannot recommend Tracy highly enough, she’s a brilliant instructor. I can’t quite believe that I have passed on my first attempt – I put it down to the brilliant
    instruction that Tracy has given.

    Helen C – near Minehead

  • Learning to drive with Tracy has been great

    Learning to drive with Tracy has been great, she is very friendly and patient. Her lessons have helped me build my driving confidence and skills, which has enabled me to pass my test first try. She was available at all times to answer any questions that I had. I would recommend Tracy to anyone wanting an excellent driving instructor.

    Charlie R – Taunton

  • Tracy has been incredible

    After learning on and off for years with other instructors and never feeling confident with my ability to drive, Tracy has been incredible! She’s given so many great tips and tricks to improve my driving ability but more importantly given me the confidence to believe that I can actually drive! Tracy is incredibly reliable and professional but also easy to chat to and get along with. I can’t recommend her enough!

    Steph W – Exmoor

  • Tracy was amazing

    Tracy was amazing when teaching me to drive. She has a lot of patience and is really reassuring in the car. Her visual explanations are clear and she made sure I was thoroughly ready for my test!

    Jake P – Taunton

  • Tracy is a great instructor

    Tracy is a great instructor. Very helpful, patient and good with people. I would really recommend her for any aspiring drivers.

    Tom J – Taunton

  • Tracy helped me so much

    Learning to drive was something that I found quite nerve wracking, but Tracy helped me so much! She is an amazing teacher who is very goal orientated and wants the best for her students. She is such a lovely lady and was so patient, kind and encouraging and helped me pass my test first time!! Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor and I can’t thank her enough!!

    Jodie F – Minehead

  • Tracy is a brilliant instructor and person!

    Tracy is a brilliant instructor and person! She made driving lessons insightful and informative as well as enjoyable! Her patience and dedication made me able to pass first time. Thank you so much!

    Lauren – Cotford St Luke

  • Tracy is a brilliant instructor

    Tracy is a brilliant instructor who is always patient. She is excellent at helping with nerves and assisting with them when needed.

    Evie S, Exmoor

  • Thank you Tracy for helping me pass first time!

    Tracy is a very kind and helpful driving instructor who made me feel at ease. She helped me overcome my anxiety towards driving and was very patient. I looked forward to my driving lessons and Tracy explained everything really well. She’s also a very nice person in general.

    Gilly W, Taunton

  • Thankyou very much!

    Thankyou very much! You’ve been so patient and a pleasure to learn with. Definitely will recommend you to anyone who is wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you again and I’ll see you soon.

    Andre G, Taunton

  • Thank you!!

    Tracy has been amazing, not only has she has made the whole process positive and productive, but she’s made it thoroughly enjoyable too and we cannot recommend or thank her enough! Thank you!!

    Kayla A, Taunton

  • Thank you so much Tracy!

    Tracy is an AMAZING driving instructor and such a lovely person. She did an amazing job at getting me through my test and calming my pre-test nerves. Can’t recommend her enough! Always goes the extra mile to do lessons that suit the way you learn and does it at your own pace which helped me massively!
    Thank you so much Tracy!

    Emily W, Winsford

  • I would definitely recommend you go with her

    Tracy Is a brilliant driving instructor and really does put the time and effort into making sure you pass which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend you go with her

    Toby M, Taunton

  • I will forever be grateful!

    Well, I need to give Tracy Beviss a sincere thank you for getting me from start to finish in my journey to passing my test first time today! this wonderful woman goes far above and beyond her job role in support and guidance, and with her caring nature, nurtured a very self-critical and nervous young woman, right up to the finish line. I will forever be grateful!

    Claire B

  • A pleasure learning with you

    I have been driving with Tracy for a year due to COVID and lockdowns, and she made learning to drive the best experience it possibly could have been. Every lesson she made me feel calm and comfortable and I highly, highly recommended this lovely lady for anyone looking to start their driving lessons. I passed first time with 1 minor fault all thanks to Tracy. It has been a pleasure learning with you and I am very thankful.


  • Lessons were always enjoyable!

    Tracy made me feel very relaxed and confident throughout my course of lessons. She’s very lovely and bubbly so lessons were always enjoyable! She is very organised especially with the structure of the lessons, giving clear plans and always focusing on achievements which is very encouraging. She was very reassuring especially when I was nervous and made me feel at ease even when I was about to take my test. I passed today with only 2 minors! I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

    Ella C

  • I felt confident

    Tracy is an excellent instructor whose lessons were always carefully tailored and planned with me to ensure I was progressing. It also meant that I felt confident that I was not going to be pushed too far outside my comfort zone unless I had agreed with Tracy that I was ready. Very friendly and supportive, always felt safe while in lessons even if tackling difficult tasks. Thanks for teaching me

    Will B

  • An amazing instructor

    Tracy has been an amazing instructor over the past year especially with complications and cancellations due to covid and gave me the best possible experience for me to pass my test. I got along very well with her style of teaching as it was very thorough and thought out whilst making sure I was always comfortable. Thank you very much Tracy

    Ella C

  • Tracy is a fantastic instructor

    Tracy is a fantastic instructor. She has unlimited patience and thoroughly prepared me for my test which I passed 1st time today. Tracy is very kind and I will miss our chats!


  • A lovely experience

    I loved the whole time learning to drive with Tracy. Her organised methods and endless patience made the whole process so much easier than I thought it would be. Everyone I know who has had her has passed first time and also had a lovely experience. Thank you, Tracy.


  • Fantastic instructor

    Tracy is a fantastic inductor and brilliant to learn with. Although I was taught quite late on by her, she helped me to pass very quickly. She always did as much as she could to help individually and I would 100% recommend to anyone.

    Sam L

  • Relaxed environment

    I would 100% recommend Tracy, always a relaxed environment to learn in. Was very flexible with times and days of lessons. and her teaching methods were clear and easy to follow.

    Matt G

  • Listens to you

    So today I passed my driving test yay! I couldn’t be more thankful for Tracy’s patience and all the techniques that she used to make this possible.
    She helps you to calm down when your freaking out and listens to you and that’s what makes her an amazing driving instructor so I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to drive.

    Aston H

  • Put me at ease

    Tracy is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to drive, as a very nervous and anxious learner she really put me at ease and taught me not only to drive but to have confidence in myself. Thank you, Tracy, for all you have done.

    Kim H

  • Excellent driving instructor

    Passed 1st time today! Tracy is an excellent driving instructor, she’s been so helpful and encouraging. She is very supportive. I would highly recommend!

    Millie J

  • Very clear

    I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking to start their driving lessons! Tracy helped me to feel less anxious whilst I was learning to drive by being calm, kind and patient! Tracy is also very clear when explaining things to you by using a lot of visual aids which is super helpful when understanding the different elements of driving Thank you very much for all your help Tracy!

    Tamara B

  • So helpful

    Would recommend Tracy to anyone who needs an instructor. Her methods are so helpful and she explains everything very well. So kind and patient, could never have passed first time today without her!

    Emily M

  • Patient and calm

    I would definitely recommend Tracy to everyone. She is so patient and calm which makes the process of learning so much easier. I have really enjoyed learning to drive. Her methods of teaching are so helpful and definitely helped me pass first time with only 1 minor.

    Connie B

  • Easy to follow teaching methods

    I found learning to drive to be easier than I expected largely due to the step by step explanations and thorough instructions I received from my driving instructor Tracy Beviss.
    Tracy had easy to follow teaching methods and explained them well. She helped me to understand why certain things are done. She also pushed me, which helped me progress quickly!
    I will definitely recommend the school to others and especially Tracy as she has amazing teaching methods, is easy to talk to and I felt comfortable throughout every lesson.

    Hollie, Taunton

  • Whole experience was so nice

    I wanted a driving instructor who’d be nice, helpful and it would be an easy and quick process. I found the learning experience to be so much easier and calmer than I had anticipated. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss was incredible! Tracy was very friendly and chatty and made me feel totally at ease all the time. I will definitely recommend to others as the whole experience was so nice and it got the job done quickly and comfortably.

    Leila, Taunton

  • Super instructor

    I was nervous at the start but felt at ease with my driving instructor Tracy Beviss’ tuition. Tracy had excellent teaching methods and I found her to be a super instructor!

    David, Taunton

  • Student orientated

    Learning to drive was much better than I had expected it to be. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss made the learning process enjoyable. Tracy had excellent teaching methods that were thorough and engaging.
    I will be recommending to others as Tracy strives for professionalism and is student orientated. My driving instructor was fantastic, I have no complaints what so ever.

    Ollie, Taunton

  • Clear and helpful

    I found learning to drive to be much easier and less stressful than I had thought. My Driving instructor Tracy Beviss had very clear and helpful teaching methods.
    I will recommend to others due to the very positive overall experience.

    Sylvie, Taunton

  • Very friendly

    I found learning to drive to be a lot easier than I had thought it would be, thanks to the help of my Driving Instructor Tracy Beviss. Tracy’s teaching went at the perfect speed, she was very clear and worked on areas until I was comfortable. She was also very friendly.
    I will be recommending to others as Tracy made it easier for me to learn by being so friendly. There is nothing I would have changed about my learning experience, it was excellent!

    Joana, Taunton

  • Patient and nice

    I found learning to drive to be much better than I had anticipated and really enjoyed it! my Driving Instructor Tracy Beviss was excellent!! Really professional, very patient and nice.
    I will be recommending to others as Tracy was really that good!

    James, Taunton

  • Relaxed, but informative

    My driving instructor Tracy Beviss was lovely and we got on really well. It was relaxed but informative. I wasn’t as experienced as I thought I was and needed a lot of brushing up on my skills but I was able to move on at the pace I had hoped for and learn new skills I previously wasn’t aware of. Tracy was friendly and calm but was also thorough. She made sure I focused on the right things and explained what I had to do to improve and structured lessons around my personal needs. I will be 100% recommending to others because of the good value for money, excellent communication and a great structure to the business and combined with friendly experienced staff made for a smooth and easy learning experience. It was easy to understand what I had to do each step of the way and I was kept up to date, informed and contacted every step of the way.

    Timothy, Taunton

  • Helpful and effective

    During my lessons, things were introduced slower and went at a pace that was right for me. My Driving Instructor Tracy Beviss had very helpful and effective teaching methods.
    I will recommend Tracy to others as the way I was taught I found was helpful and if I didn’t get something we kept working on it until It was better.

    Mollie, Taunton

  • Thank you so much

    Thank you so much for being my teacher this year, I couldn’t have done it without you. Also I will definitely recommend you next year if the students are looking for a good driving instructor

    Thea, Norway

  • Well planned and taught

    I found everything went smoother than expected as I thought I would struggle more with gear changing. My Driving Instructor Tracy Beviss’ instructions were very good with full talk through and the opportunity to practice until I was comfortable.
    I will be recommending her to others because I felt that after every lesson I gained something. Lessons were well planned and taught.

    Kellon, Taunton

  • Very good experience

    Learning to drive was better than I expected it to be. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss had really good teaching methods and she was very helpful.
    I will be recommending to others because it was a very good experience.

    Sophie, Taunton

  • Great instructor

    Thank you so much, it means a lot to me how far you’ve gotten me! It’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for me and make my life a lot easier.
    Also saw your other student passed too so congrats! You’re a really great instructor and I couldn’t have wished for any better.

    Toby, Taunton

  • Calm and caring

    I used Tracy Beviss who was wonderful and very bubbly! She’s calm and caring and made you feel comfortable and safe. She improved my confidence so much and always made sure I understood why we did certain actions when driving or If I made a mistake why it was wrong. I couldn’t recommend her and her methods enough! Without you, I wouldn’t be going above 40! The lessons are 2 hours long which is a good amount of time to get your practice in and they will work around your hours and will pick you up and drop you off wherever you needed to be.

    Gee, Shepton Mallet

  • Very professional manner

    Had a great time learning to drive with Tracy, my teacher.
    I’m in my mid-thirties so was a bit scared about starting so late but she was very patient, explained things very well and prepared me for the test in a very professional manner.
    I’m happy to say I passed yesterday and can’t thank her enough! Onwards and upwards.

    James, Taunton

  • Understanding, Passionate Instructor

    I found learning to drive to be easier than I had expected. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss had realistic teaching methods that were challenging at times, which helped me grow.I will be recommending to others because I liked the two-hour lessons and the understanding passionate instructor

    Georgina Ball