Why choose Tracy Beviss Driver Training:

I understand that starting driving lessons can make anyone feel very nervous, but don’t worry, I am very calming and an extremely patient instructor and can put even the most anxious pupil at ease very quickly. At the end of the first lesson, my pupils constantly say things like”that wasn’t as scary as I thought” and “I have done lots better than I expected”.
The lessons are structured totally around your needs, no two pupils are the same – I recognise the need to vary my teaching methods depending on exactly what is required for each individual. I also like to always make it clear “why” you need to do something (I am very aware throughout various training I have been given during my career that if I am not told “why” I have to do something, I am likely to think “what’s the point then” and probably not do it at all!). We will learn new skills at a pace that you are happy with, in bite size chunks, I will never put you into a situation you are not comfortable to do, but equally will encourage you to move onto the next new thing when you and I both feel that you are ready.
I feel extremely lucky to be in a job that I love so much and I am passionate about delivering excellent instruction in order to develop my pupil’s knowledge and ability, to be at the standard not just for passing the practical test, but also have the skills to make safe drivers for life.
If you are looking for lessons in and around the Taunton area, please either give me a call,  drop me an email or complete the contact me form

What my learners say

" Tracy is a fantastic instructor "

Tracy is a fantastic instructor. She has unlimited patience and thoroughly prepared me for my test which I passed 1st time today. Tracy is very kind and I will miss our chats!

- Maya

" A lovely experience "

I loved the whole time learning to drive with Tracy. Her organised methods and endless patience made the whole process so much easier than I thought it would be. Everyone I know who has had her has passed first time and also had a lovely experience. Thank you, Tracy.

- Fern

" Fantastic instructor "

Tracy is a fantastic inductor and brilliant to learn with. Although I was taught quite late on by her, she helped me to pass very quickly. She always did as much as she could to help individually and I would 100% recommend to anyone.

- Sam L

" Relaxed environment "

I would 100% recommend Tracy, always a relaxed environment to learn in. Was very flexible with times and days of lessons. and her teaching methods were clear and easy to follow.

- Matt G

" Listens to you "

So today I passed my driving test yay! I couldn’t be more thankful for Tracy’s patience and all the techniques that she used to make this possible. She helps you to calm down when your freaking out and listens to you and that’s what makes her an amazing driving instructor so I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to drive.

- Aston H

" Put me at ease "

Tracy is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to drive, as a very nervous and anxious learner she really put me at ease and taught me not only to drive but to have confidence in myself. Thank you, Tracy, for all you have done.

- Kim H

" Excellent driving instructor "

Passed 1st time today! Tracy is an excellent driving instructor, she’s been so helpful and encouraging. She is very supportive. I would highly recommend!

- Millie J

" Very clear "

I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking to start their driving lessons! Tracy helped me to feel less anxious whilst I was learning to drive by being calm, kind and patient! Tracy is also very clear when explaining things to you by using a lot of visual aids which is super helpful when understanding the different elements of driving Thank you very much for all your help Tracy!

- Tamara B

" So helpful "

Would recommend Tracy to anyone who needs an instructor. Her methods are so helpful and she explains everything very well. So kind and patient, could never have passed first time today without her!

- Emily M

" Patient and calm "

I would definitely recommend Tracy to everyone. She is so patient and calm which makes the process of learning so much easier. I have really enjoyed learning to drive. Her methods of teaching are so helpful and definitely helped me pass first time with only 1 minor.

- Connie B

" Easy to follow teaching methods "

I found learning to drive to be easier than I expected largely due to the step by step explanations and thorough instructions I received from my driving instructor Tracy Beviss. Tracy had easy to follow teaching methods and explained them well. She helped me to understand why certain things are done. She also pushed me, which helped me progress quickly! I will definitely recommend the school to others and especially Tracy as she has amazing teaching methods, is easy to talk to and I felt comfortable throughout every lesson.

- Hollie, Taunton

" Whole experience was so nice "

I wanted a driving instructor who’d be nice, helpful and it would be an easy and quick process. I found the learning experience to be so much easier and calmer than I had anticipated. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss was incredible! Tracy was very friendly and chatty and made me feel totally at ease all the time. I will definitely recommend to others as the whole experience was so nice and it got the job done quickly and comfortably.

- Leila, Taunton

" Super instructor "

I was nervous at the start but felt at ease with my driving instructor Tracy Beviss’ tuition. Tracy had excellent teaching methods and I found her to be a super instructor!

- David, Taunton

" Student orientated "

Learning to drive was much better than I had expected it to be. My driving instructor Tracy Beviss made the learning process enjoyable. Tracy had excellent teaching methods that were thorough and engaging. I will be recommending to others as Tracy strives for professionalism and is student orientated. My driving instructor was fantastic, I have no complaints what so ever.

- Ollie, Taunton

" Clear and helpful "

I found learning to drive to be much easier and less stressful than I had thought. My Driving instructor Tracy Beviss had very clear and helpful teaching methods. I will recommend to others due to the very positive overall experience.

- Sylvie, Taunton

" Very friendly "

I found learning to drive to be a lot easier than I had thought it would be, thanks to the help of my Driving Instructor Tracy Beviss. Tracy’s teaching went at the perfect speed, she was very clear and worked on areas until I was comfortable. She was also very friendly. I will be recommending to others as Tracy made it easier for me to learn by being so friendly. There is nothing I would have changed about my learning experience, it was excellent!

- Joana, Taunton